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The Trackingplan dashboard provides a real-time overview of your data collection of events and properties. A useful tool that offers data observability to make sure your tracking is happening as you planned.
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Centralize your data flow

Dashboard Menu

Navigate between different areas of your tracking plan. You can view your event and property information, starred events, health summary, and user change history. You can make adjustments in the dashboard to ensure your data fits your needs.

Event & Property Information

You can review all the information to ensure it's being tracked correctly. It infers the specifications for various events and properties automatically. You can also do manual adjustments if required.

Health Summary

See the overall state of your current tracking efforts, such as events, required properties, type mismatch and traffic drops. You can customize by selecting which items you want to view. The easiest way to get warnings for your entire tracking plan.

User Change History

It shows all the changes you and your teammates have made to your tracking plan. You can easily see who changed any specs or muted an event and when they did it. This helps your whole team collaborate more efficiently and undo any changes if necessary.

Built for data-oriented teams

Analytics and Data Ops

See the changes introduced by frontend teams in real-time. Make sure the data you are adding to your data warehouse is always clean and follows the expected specs.

Growth and Marketing

Make sure your pixels and tags are working and automatically document and monitor your UTMs. Have a clear view of how your acquisition and goals relate and find problems.

Product and Business

Trust the data you are using to make the most important decisions. Have a dictionary of everything you are tracking, and how everything has changed over time.


Audit your new clients in minutes instead of weeks. Monitor the changes they introduce and avoid getting blamed for problems others create.

Seamlessly integrate all of your favorite pixels and trackers

Installation made simple

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Step 2

Install Trackingplan snippet in minutes, either in Google Tag Manager, Segment, site code, or app’s SDK.

Step 3

Track every data point you are collecting.

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Fully automated monitoring with real-time alerts if errors happen between your analytics, marketing automations, pixels, or campaigns.
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