Monitor your analytics

Trackingplan makes sure that your tracking is going as you planned without changing your current analytics stack or code.

Identify issues early, collaborate within teams and take decisions from quality information.

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For Websites, iOS, Android and backends

Just add a single line of code once

Trackingplan will automatically detect any changes in your analytics implementation and warn you about inconsistencies like hit drops, missing properties, rogue events, and more.

Keep using your current tracking SDKs and tools. Use your tag manager or just copy & paste once a line of code into your Web, Android, iOS or backend and, within minutes, you'll have a living snapshot of your analytics.
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Discover example tracking plans

An always updated single source of truth, in minutes

Align teams with a tracking plan

Keep people in sync with an always up-to-date shared data dictionary and say goodbye to outdated spreadsheets!

You can even define your events in advance and, while implementing, you can check if they match your specs.
For product managers: make sure you make decisions from data you can trust.
For developers: validate analytics code, detect issues and implement tracking right the first time.
Seamlessly integrate with all analytics tools and providers

Works with your current analytics stack

Trackingplan is integrated with the most popular analytics providers. No private access is needed: just one line of code in your site or app.
Do you use an in-house analytics solution or an unpopular provider? Don't worry, our team will create the integration for you.
Save money by trusting your analytics

Plans scale with your growth

It's free
30 days trial
For enterprise needs
starting at /month
Automatic error detection & panel
Daily email report
Different events monitored
Daily audited unique users
Recommended up to 
100K monthly visitors
1MM monthly visitors
Any traffic
Unlimited analytics providers
Unlimited sources
Unlimited seats
Spreadsheets/CSV export
Link sharing
Real time alerts / Webhooks
Automatically generated JSON schema
Link sharing with redacted data
Standard roles (Admin, Read, Write, Guest)
1 hour live setup help
Email support during office hours
Custom analytics integrations
Single sign-on
Audit logging
Role-based access control
Premier customer success with SLA
Do you offer special pricing or discounts for startups?
We feel you
Yes! The Trackingplan Startup Scholarship provides one year of our paid Growth plan features for free.

- Your company was launched less than 2 years ago.
- You’ve received less than $2 million in funding.
- You have fewer than 20 employees.
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