Ensure the quality of your digital analytics

Automatically detect and fix marketing data issues, maintain up-to-date tracking plans, and foster seamless collaboration.

Quality digital analyticsQuality digital analyticsQuality digital analyticsQuality digital analytics
Quality digital analytics
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Let Trackingplan work for you

Trackingplan creates a single source of truth where all teams can collaborate and automatically receive notifications when things change or break in your digital analytics.
The problem
measurement plan schemaWithout TrackingPlan workflows
centralized plan schema

The magic happens as soon as you start getting traffic

Say goodbye to hours of handcrafted work while we automatically create the control panel of your digital analytics.
All ways are simple, straightforward and can be completed in only a few minutes. How to install?

Watch the full power of Trackingplan

Discover, through a real project, the variety of functionalities covering all stages of your data governance.
Video Power of Trackingplan
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Data collection is a team sport

A space conceived and designed for marketing teams, data analysts, and developers to collaborate with each other. The place where we all fit.
Discover your Trackingplan automatically

Be informed at all times of what is happening on your frontends, compatible with web, app or other platforms.

display panel
Receive warnings when things change

Make sure your events and properties arrive according to your specifications and receive notifications of everything that happens.

early warnings
Optimization is within your reach

We help you quickly solve the problems detected from the root cause. Apply solutions in record time before errors compromise your data quality.

Receive warnings when things change
Display panel
Early warnings
optimization panel

Discover trackingplan's functionalities according to your profile

Keep your measurement plan up to date in a single document, without nomenclature errors or process breakdowns. See More.
Analyst Schema
Keep track of your campaign status, localization, attribution, UTMs and more. See More.
Marketing schema
Detect concrete, traceable and measurable errors across production, staging and development environments. See More.
Developers schema

Trackingplan detects and validates everything you already have

We seamlessly link your data across sites, applications, and third-party integrations, delivering robust cross-service insights.

Getting started is simple

In our easy onboarding process, install Trackingplan on your websites and apps, and sit back while we automatically create your dashboard.
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