Know when your
tracking is broken

Trackingplan offers fully automated monitoring that finds problems in your analytics, marketing, attribution pixels and campaigns and tells you how to fix them.

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Sees everything you track

Documents in real-time what you send to any analytics, marketing automations or pixels. Any.

Works on any site or app

It's just one snippet that can be included using your Tag Manager, Segment or importing a package.

Understands the problems

Monitors your data where it's collected, telling you when and why errors happen.

Discover and debug what you are tracking

Trackingplan documents all the data that flows between your sites and third-party integrations with stats and examples, whether they're analytics, marketing automations, pixels or campaigns.

That way you can assure the quality of your data, find mistakes and trust the data that guides your business.

Be notified when errors happen

Trackingplan detects problems that are introduced in your tracking in real-time and shows the root causes.

Receive alerts via email or Slack with unexpected data fluctuations, from traffic anomalies to schema problems or rogue events.

Get rid of outdated spreadsheets

Have an always updated single source of truth to see what you're tracking. Share what's actually happening and see what has changed over time.

Keep track of the existing problems, get notified when they are solved and make sure everyone on your team is on the same page.

Real-time monitoring on top of what you already track

Trackingplan is just a tiny snippet that can be installed in minutes without developer assistance, and it inspects all the data you're sending to third parties in real-time.

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Set up using a Tag manager or Segment.
No changes in how you code or workflows.
Web, iOS, Android, backend, and custom integrations

For data-oriented teams

Analytics and Data Ops

See the changes introduced by frontend teams in real-time. Make sure the data you are adding to your data warehouse is always clean and follows the expected specs.

Product and Business

Trust the data you are using to make the most important decisions. Have a dictionary of everything you are tracking, and how everything has changed over time.

Growth and Marketing

Make sure your pixels and tags are working and automatically document and monitor your UTMs. Have a clear view of how your acquisition and goals relate and find problems.


Audit your new clients in minutes instead of weeks. Monitor the changes they introduce and avoid getting blamed for problems others create.

View live examples

Avoid costly downtimes by detecting problems from the moment they begin. Receive alerts about unexpected data fluctuations, from traffic anomalies to schema problems and rogue events

Ready in minutes

Just add one snippet to your site and that's it.
You can even add it using Google Tag Manager.

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