Master your campaigns with complete control at your fingertips

Ensure all your pixels work as you expect and that you're correctly measuring your UTMs.
Trackingplan spotting errors from your site

An extra set of eyes on your campaigns and analytics events

Say goodbye to the "we don't know exactly what..." moment in your strategies.
  • You’re running a campaign on Tiktok
  • The Tiktok pixel monitoring campaign traffic is suddenly down
  • We automatically warn you so you can get it fixed and measure your performance correctly
  • Optimize ROAS and gain strategic insights

We measure your performance exactly as it has been, absolute truth

Ensure accurate user behavior measurement on your landing pages for informed marketing strategies and optimized acquisition based on quality data.
Warning history detailsWarning history details

Single source of truth

Have everything in one place, monitored and controlled to know what's really happening at all times.
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Pixels summaryPixel summary

Pixel summary

Our pixel view allows you to keep track of all the SaaS tools used on your frontends and automatically alerts you when a pixel has disappeared from a page of your site or is completely disconnected.
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Campaign Validation

Never let another campaign go out of control and ensure error-free UTMs and ROAS calculation by using naming convention alerts to monitor campaign tagging.
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Watch the full power of Trackingplan

Discover, through a real project, the variety of functionalities covering all stages of your data governance.
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Seamless installation tailored to your needs

Installing Trackingplan is simple, straightforward and can be completed in only a few minutes.

Efficient environment with trackingplan

The world of data is complex, let's focus on simplifying manual tasks.
Warning history

Your campaigns always working

Receive daily summaries and instant alerts for a clear view of what's going on so you can fix anything that's wrong.

Classification and monitoring

Our automated system allows to control large amounts of data, handling everything as you need.

We tell you what you are missing

We will notify you in case of any anomaly, a broken conversion funnel, payment gateway crash...

Trackingplan detects and validates everything you already have

We seamlessly link your data across sites, applications, and third-party integrations, delivering robust cross-service reporting.
Integrations marketing

Getting started is simple

In our easy onboarding process, install Trackingplan on your websites and apps, and sit back while we automatically create your dashboard.
Any question?
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