Do you trust your company's data?

Improving the quality of your data and having peace of mind with everything that is happening is possible with Trackingplan.
Report Dashboard

Unlock the potential of your data with Trackingplan

You constantly monitor the purchase funnel, but one day, something goes wrong and the event 'buyButton' stops working. You receive an automatic alert from Trackingplan that tells you what is happening and why. You fix it instantly and keep your data reliable and secure.
Pixels summary
You're monitoring a campaign after planning it for months. One day you receive an alert; the pixel has stopped working. With Trackingplan, you're able to correct it right away and everything continues working as expected. Your data and conclusions are clear and secure.
Pixels summary
Regression testing
Your analytics team implements an event following your specifications and you can validate their implementation with Trackingplan's automated QA, even before it reaches staging or production. Existing functional tests and their analytics are compared to baselines by Trackingplan, allowing your team to apply fixes and launch without compromising customer data.
Regression testing

Save countless hours of work

Your working hours are too valuable to dedicate them to manual and tedious tasks. Optimize your time and improve your daily life. Let our panel work its magic.

Save money

Save money by receiving alerts when changes happen or things break. Use Trackingplan on your staging and development environment to avoid data down time completely.

Avoid compromising your data

Trackingplan’s fully automated QA solution for your digital analytics has been designed to avoid compromising your data by catching errors before they break your digital analytics.

And this is how we do it

Leverage the power of your data in a space designed to help any member involved in the data collection process.

Empower every team with good data

We seamlessly link your data across sites, applications, and third-party integrations, delivering robust cross-service reporting.
New Pixels

When a new pixel is reported in any of the SaaS tools used in your frontends for the first time.

Missing Events

Be notified as soon as something changes or breaks in your events to detect, root-cause, and resolve issues in record time.

Event & Property Information

Immediately discovers and alerts you when an event stops or something is affecting you.

Trackingplan is for everyone

Say goodbye to manual processing and automate email or slack alerts for traffic drops, broken pixels, and more.
Marketing & Growth
Real-time notifications help you stay abreast of mistakes, bugs, or changes in your analytics.
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Regardless of the tools you use, all teams can access transparent, up-to-date documentation all in one place.
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Digital Analytics
Advanced quality assurance ensures that your pixels are working and data collection and attribution is correct across all channels.
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Trackingplan captures and collects everything you already have

Say goodbye to manual processing and automate email or slack alerts for traffic drops, broken pixels, and more.

Getting started is simple

In our easy onboarding process, install Trackingplan on your websites and apps, and sit back while we automatically create your dashboard.
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