Monitor, organize and optimize your digital analytics

Optimize your working hours and control all your analytics issues more efficiently.
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Trackingplan dashboard

How it works?

Install in seconds

As simple as copying and pasting the code

We analyze your data

As soon as we start receiving activity from your events and integrations, you'll start to see the magic

We classify your data

Because our backend understands the meaning of each piece of data, we can automatically classify and document it in a single dashboard to give you a powerful view of all services

We tell you that you’re missing

We connect the dots to identify patterns from data that were hidden in plain sight, allowing us to detect possible anomalies

How to install?

No matter the nature of your data, as soon as you install Trackingplan, we organize your data and alert you when something changes.
We listen to your needs

Unlike other SaaS with configurations that take weeks to months to demonstrate or even force you to change how you code your analytics, at Trackingplan we listen directly to all the customer data that your applications and websites are already sending to all your third-party integrations, regardless of their nature.

Seconds and connections worth gold

That’s why you can have access to your data in seconds instead of hours. And that's why it supports any provider, including the ones that don't have an API, or even your in-house analytics systems.

Your trusted solution

That makes us the only solution that delivers value from day one across product, business, and marketing people.

We guarantee data quality by monitoring your implementations

Pixel Implementation Reports

Pixels summary
It is not enough to know that something is wrong, ensure the quality of your data by understanding why it is failing.

Missing Events

Be notified as soon as something changes or breaks in your events to detect, root-cause and resolve issues in record time.

Event & Property Information

It is not only about notifications but also about optimizing your working hours, we take care and secure the properties of your data.

Trackingplan is for everyone

Ensure all teams involved in the data collection process are on the same page.
Marketing & Growth
Real-time notifications help you stay abreast of mistakes, bugs, or changes in your analytics.
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Regardless of the tools you use, all teams can access transparent, up-to-date documentation all in one place.
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Web Analytics
Advanced quality assurance ensures that your pixels are working and data collection and attribution is correct across all channel.
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Integrate it with everything

We seamlessly link your data across sites, applications, and third-party integrations, delivering robust cross-service reporting.

Getting started is simple

In our easy onboarding process, install Trackingplan on your websites and apps, and sit back while we automatically create your dashboard.
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