Privacy is at the center of everything we do

From data you can trust to keeping your data safe, we ensure your data is always secure with robust security measures and unwavering adherence to the highest compliance standards.

Trackingplan only collects what you're already tracking

Trackingplan only monitors what you are already sending to your existing analytics providers, such as Google Analytics. This means it can only process data that you have explicitly given permission to collect.

That way, if you're sending tracks to events whose consent for storing information has been denied, an alert will be generated.

Minimizing PII Exposure

Although Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is typically not permitted in most third-party services, Trackingplan performs three key actions to avoid processing PII:
Hashing any known session or user identifiers used by the analytics provider (e.g., client_id, session_id, g_id, etc.).
Employing a best-effort approach to identify and remove sensitive data. This includes masking or hashing known sensitive field names and value patterns.
Allowing our clients to specify fields that should not be processed.

Automated Alerts for Sensitive Data Breaches

If Trackingplan detects any possible privacy issues or security-sensitive data that should not have been collected or forwarded to your analytics services, it will immediately alert you. This automated monitoring and alerting system is part of our commitment to safeguarding your data and upholding the highest standards of privacy and security.
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Privacy comes first

Trackingplan does not store anything until anonymization measures are applied. Our processing system then selects only the necessary samples to deliver the intended value. Here's how data anonymization is ensured in the process:
Trackingplan ensures no PII is processed or stored beyond the initial, on-the-fly collection phase on its servers. This means that as soon as data is received, it undergoes anonymization to strip away any PII.
By randomizing and dissociating different samples, Trackingplan is able to prevent identification through the aggregation of pseudo identifiers or user behavior analysis.

Trusted by Privacy-Conscious Companies

Trackingplan successfully works with privacy-conscious companies, including renowned brands and neobanks, who have received legal validation for our extensive security practices.
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