Autodiscover Releases

October 31, 2023

We're excited to introduce a powerful new feature to Trackingplan to help you easily attribute errors to a version change.

What does this mean?

This update empowers you to easily attribute errors to a specific version change, streamlining your debugging and troubleshooting processes like never before. This is especially helpful in the case of apps, where multiple versions always coexist simultaneously, to effortlessly identify whether your warnings come from your latest releases or, on the contrary, from earlier versions.

How Does This Benefit You?

Simplified Debugging

  • Effortless Identification: Easily identify whether warnings are associated with your latest releases or earlier versions, enabling you to quickly pinpoint the root cause of issues.
  • Streamlined Troubleshooting: Streamline your debugging and troubleshooting processes by attributing errors to specific version changes, allowing for more efficient problem-solving.

Enhanced Visibility

  • Detailed Analysis: By clicking on the releases identified by Trackingplan, you'll be automatically redirected to the "Filter Warnings" section, where you can filter among versions to see all the warnings associated with any of your releases.

Learn more about it in our documentation.

Any question?
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