Introducing Custom Events for Granular Tracking and Validation

August 24, 2023

Trackingplan now allows you to create custom events based on existing events, their properties, and your tags to track and validate any of your events with with unparalleled granularity.

What's New?

Tailored Event Tracking

  • Granular Monitoring: Create custom events to track specific user actions or behaviors, such as premium_user_search, to closely monitor event triggers based on segmentation or other criteria.

Separate Traffic Analysis

  • Dedicated Analysis: Custom events are monitored separately from standard events, providing you with dedicated traffic analysis and specification validation for your properties and traffic warnings.

Easy Identification

  • Visual Clarity: Once Trackingplan starts detecting hits that correspond to the custom event, it will automatically start sending traffic to this new event so that you can monitor its behavior directly from your Trackingplan’s dashboard, providing you with separate traffic analysis and specifications validation. Trackingplan will mark the names of your custom events in green so that you can spot them easily and, as with merged events, you’ll be able to recognize them through the following tooltip.

Enhanced Customization

  • Custom Event Management: Add custom events to your starred items list, customize warnings to match your specifications, create validation rules, and view them through your Daily Digest like any other standard event.

How Does This Benefit You?

  • Precise Tracking: Tailor event tracking to your specific requirements, ensuring you capture and analyze the data that matters most to your business.
  • Enhanced Insights: Gain deeper insights into user behaviors and actions with dedicated analysis and validation for custom events.
  • Effortless Management: Easily manage and customize custom events to align with your tracking needs, empowering you to make informed decisions based on accurate data.

The cherry on top? By clicking on “view mode”, you’ll be able to see the rules applied for each of your custom events to easily view and have at hand the rules that govern them.

Get Started Today!

Ready to leverage the power of Custom Events for granular tracking and validation? Explore this exciting new feature in our documentation and take your analytics to the next level.

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