Data Explorer

November 30, 2023

Welcome to the evolution of Trackingplan's Property Values Histogram, designed to provide you with deeper insights into your data values and streamline your analysis processes like never before!

What's New?

With Trackingplan's Data Explorer, you'll be provided with a new chart displaying all values sorted by their frequency and proportion. This will allow you to analyze the evolution of your data values over time, providing valuable insights without depending on a specific event to understand how your data behaves!

Plus, you can now search for advanced conditions and even download samples for each value to view specific example payloads!

How Does it Benefit You?

Deeper Analysis

  • Visualize Data Evolution: Analyze the evolution of your data values over time with ease, gaining valuable insights into data behavior.
  • Advanced Search: Search for advanced conditions to make the search process more efficient and effective, enabling you to pinpoint specific data trends.

Get Started Today

Ready to explore Trackingplan's Data Explorer and gain deeper insights into your data? Get started to avoid all small and hard-to-detect data issues or ask for a demo.

Any Questions?
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