Improvements in Regression Testing API for CI/CD Integration

November 16, 2023

We’re happy to announce we’ve made quite a few changes in Trackingplan's Regression Testing API for CI/CD Integration to streamline the process of checking the status of your tests more efficiently:

What's New?

Tailored Comparison

  • Customized Parameters: Now you can specify your account, the environment, the test session, and the baseline to tailor your comparison according to your specific requirements, enabling more precise analysis of test results.

Destination Filtering

  • Exclusive Comparison: Introduce any of your 'destinations' to compare exclusively your tests in platforms like GA4, Segment, and more, allowing for focused analysis and evaluation.

Date Flexibility

  • Simplified Input: Forget about manually entering dates. Now, simply adding the name of your tests is sufficient to retrieve relevant data, mirroring the intuitive interface of Trackingplan's UI.

Explore the Enhancements

Discover the full potential of these enhancements and streamline your test status checking process with ease. For detailed information on these updates, visit our documentation.

Any question?
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