Introducing Conditional Properties for Enhanced Precision

December 19, 2023

We're excited to unveil a powerful new feature on Trackingplan: Conditional Properties.

This update is designed to provide you with greater control and precision in defining your tracking requirements, allowing you to focus on the most critical aspects of your data.

What are Conditional Properties?

Until now, Trackingplan supported 3 different types of Property Presence states; required, nullable, and optional. Now, we allow you to set properties as conditional in order to be able to differentiate between required or nullable within the very same property, depending on its value.

In this sense, conditional properties allow you to set certain property values as required while leaving others as nullable for events that occur on multiple pages, providing you with a more precise understanding of your data.

Conditional Properties: A practical example

Let’s think about an example to illustrate it.

For example, with the event "page_view" occurring on various pages, you could designate the "page_type" property as conditional and set only the "home page" and "checkout page" as required, while leaving other pages as nullable. This ensures that Trackingplan notifies you only if there are missing hits on the designated required pages.

Key Benefits

Precision Tracking: Define required and nullable values within the same property, focusing on critical data points.

Reduced Noise: Receive notifications only for missing hits on designated required pages, eliminating unnecessary alerts.

Enhanced Customization: Tailor tracking requirements to specific pages or scenarios within your application for more targeted analysis.

Ready to harness the power of Conditional Properties for enhanced precision in your tracking requirements? Visit our documentation to learn more or do a tour through our demo to try it yourself.

Any question?
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