Merged Events

June 8, 2023

We've noticed that some events can share the same behavior on different pages, and that's why, from now on, Trackingplan will automatically merge them into a single event on your dashboard for you.

What Does it Mean?

For those events that share the same behavior and specifications on different pages, but are presented as hundreds of unique events that make it difficult to analyze them together or visualize them at a glance, Trackingplan now supports the option to merge them.

That’s it; Trackingplan will automatically merge those events that share the same behavior but can be found on different pages or use cases into a single event.

This means you’ll be able to navigate your data more smoothly and analyze them together every time you access your panel, gaining deeper insights with ease.

Optimize Your Data Analysis

With Trackingplan's Merged Events feature, you can optimize your data analysis process by simplifying data visualization and gaining deeper insights into user behavior. If you want to see your events merged in a different way to streamline your workflow and unlock the full potential of your data analysis efforts, contact support and consider it done!

Any question?
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