Monitoring Status

March 13, 2024

We're excited to announce a new feature in Trackingplan that enhances your monitoring experience: Monitoring Status. This addition allows you to delve deeper into the specifications of your properties, providing greater clarity and control over your tracking setup.

Understanding Monitoring Status

With Trackingplan's latest update, you can now differentiate between three distinct states to better comprehend the type and presence specifications within your properties. Let's break it down:

Learning Phase

During the initial warm-up process, Trackingplan's algorithm will be observing your events' traffic behavior and analyzing the specifications associated with each of your properties.

During this phase, you can rest assured, as no traffic or specification warnings will be issued to prevent you from any false alarms.

Learnt by Trackingplan

Once the warm-up phase is complete, Trackingplan will step in with its recommended configuration. Drawing from its comprehensive analysis, Trackingplan will automatically set the expected type and presence for each property, streamlining your monitoring process effortlessly.

Set by User

Empowering you with control, the "Set by User" state kicks in when you decide to make manual adjustments. Simply click the dropdown and select your preferred type or presence constraint, tailoring the specifications to align perfectly with your tracking requirements.

Why It Matters

This update ensures that you have a clear understanding of how Trackingplan interprets your specifications. By distinguishing between different states, you can fine-tune your tracking setup with confidence, optimizing efficiency and accuracy.

  • Enhanced Clarity: Gain deeper insights into the logic behind type and presence specifications, facilitating better decision-making.
  • Effortless Optimization: With Trackingplan's automated recommendations and user-driven adjustments, streamline your monitoring process effortlessly.
  • Prevention of False Positives: By withholding warnings during the learning phase, you can avoid unnecessary distractions and focus on actionable insights.

Stay Updated, Stay Efficient

At Trackingplan, we're committed to continuously improving our product to meet your evolving needs. Keep an eye on our change log for more updates and enhancements that empower you to track with precision and confidence.

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