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September 28, 2023

At Trackingplan, we know that your analytics are structured around pages, and that's why we've worked hard to provide you with a clear and organized view of your data that brings your analytics closer to your team's perspective, just the way you need it and understand it.

What’s new

Trackingplan now brings your analytics closer to your team's perspective and provides you with more control and clarity over your data than ever before. With our new Pages Tab, you can directly see on which pages your events are being triggered. That way, you’ll be able to clearly see all your pages sorted by daily hits, and even view which events are located on each of your pages.

  • Traffic Insights for Every Page: Get a bird's-eye view of how many page views each of your pages has received.
  • Precise Warning Tracking: See the warnings that are affecting each of your pages and be automatically redirected to Trackingplan’s Warning Debug to fix them in record time.
  • Notes section: Keep your tracking organized by adding descriptions and labels.
  • Advanced Page Search:  Search for pages with specific criteria, whether it's pages with warnings, pages working correctly, or any other custom search requirements.

How Does This Benefit You?

  • Closer Insights: Gain a clearer understanding of your analytics data with insights into page traffic and warning status directly within the Pages Tab.
  • Efficient Issue Resolution: Quickly identify and address issues affecting specific pages, reducing downtime and optimizing the performance of your tracking implementation.

Get Started Today!

Ready to leverage the enhanced capabilities of Trackingplan's Pages Tab to streamline your analytics management process? Explore our documentation to learn more about this new feature and how it can benefit your team.

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