Personalized Digests

July 27, 2023

We're excited to present you Trackingplan's Personalized Digests, a new feature designed to enhance collaboration and ensure the right information reaches the right people. With personalized digests, you can tailor the delivery of analytics insights to specific teams or individuals, fostering clarity, efficiency, and ownership across your organization.

What's New?

At Trackingplan we’re all about making things clear and smooth for all teams. That’s why we’re proud to announce that Trackingplan has recently added the possibility to set up personalized digests to foster seamless collaboration and ensure only the right information goes to the right people.

Trackingplan’s personalized digests have been created to ensure every department is aware of its responsibilities (#DEV, #PRODUCT, #MKT) and to encourage the ownership of every squad in the analytics generated by their developments.

While the possibilities are endless, we have created some use cases to help you leverage the full potential of our new personalized digests.

  • Create a personalized digest for only those events marked with the label #marketingteam, and add only the members of your company in that department.
  • Create a personalized digest for only those events marked with the label #bug so that the development team in your organization can receive concise and straightforward digests about all the problems affecting your digital analytics.
  • Create a personalized digest for only those events happening in Google Analytics, and add only your analytics teams there.
  • Have a personalized digest for only those events marked as starred to quickly see the most important parts of your customer data collection at a glance.

How It Works

  • Label-Based Digests: Create personalized digests based on labels, such as #marketingteam or #bug, to ensure relevant information reaches the appropriate teams.
  • Platform-Specific Digests: Tailor digests to include only events from specific platforms, such as Google Analytics, to provide focused insights to relevant teams.
  • Priority-Based Digests: Set up digests for starred events to prioritize important data points and streamline decision-making processes.

Benefits for Your Team

  • Enhanced Clarity: Ensure each team has access to the information they need to fulfill their responsibilities effectively.
  • Improved Efficiency: Streamline workflows by delivering tailored insights directly to team members' inboxes, saving time and reducing the need for manual information gathering.
  • Increased Ownership: Promote accountability and ownership of analytics outcomes by empowering teams with personalized insights relevant to their areas of responsibility.

Get Started Today!

Experience the benefits of personalized digests in Trackingplan and take your collaboration and analytics validation to the next level. With personalized digests, you can foster seamless communication, streamline workflows, and ensure every team member is equipped with the insights they need to succeed. For more information on how to set up personalized digests or to explore additional features, don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

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