Traffic Peak Warnings

January 16, 2024

We're excited to introduce a new feature at Trackingplan that is designed to provide you with even greater data insights and streamline your monitoring processes: Anomalous Traffic Peak Warnings.

What Does This Mean?

At Trackingplan, we understand that not all increases in event traffic are positive. In fact, certain events, such as "abandoned_cart," may indicate a negative trend for your business. With our latest update, we now support and alert you about anomalous traffic peaks, allowing you to stay ahead of potential issues and take proactive measures to address them.

Traffic Peaks Management

Traffic Peak Warnings are enabled by default, ensuring that you receive alerts about any anomalous increases in event traffic. However, we understand that not all traffic peaks are negative for your business. That's why we provide you with the flexibility to disable them throughout your entire tracking plan. You can then manually activate only those peaks whose increase is deemed as negative for a more tailored and efficient monitoring process.

How Can You Benefit?

  • Proactive Issue Identification: Receive alerts about anomalous increases in event traffic, enabling you to identify potential issues before they escalate.
  • Customized Monitoring: Disable traffic peaks and manually activate only those deemed as negative for your business, streamlining your monitoring efforts and reducing unnecessary alerts.
  • Enhanced Data Insights: Gain deeper insights into your event traffic trends, allowing you to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to optimize performance.

Get Started Today!

Ready to leverage the power of Anomalous Traffic Peak Warnings to enhance your monitoring processes and stay ahead of potential issues? Explore Trackingplan's full power or contact our team.

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