Getting started with Trackingplan

How long does it take for Trackingplan to work?

Unlike other SaaS with setups that take between weeks and months or even force you to change how you code your analytics, Trackingplan starts listening in real-time to all the data your sites and apps are sending to your third-party services right after its installation.

From that moment on, Trackingplan will automatically start creating your dashboard. Depending on your traffic, an hour can be enough to recollect the necessary data. However, for companies with small traffic, this process might take up to a week, so don’t worry if you enter Trackingplan’s dashboard after installing it and you don’t see anything! We will send you a message once we have collected enough data.

During this time, all teams involved in the data collection process teams will be able to keep working as they used to, without causing any company disruption.

Do you have any questions?

We want to listen to you, if you have any questions that have not been resolved you can contact us, our intention will always be to provide you with solutions