Getting started with Trackingplan

My tracking plan is ready. Now what?

Hurray! After automatically documenting all the necessary data to understand what each piece of data means, identify patterns, detect anomalies, and automatically connect dots to create value from data that was hidden in plain sight, it's your time to dig into all the destinations, schemas, events, pixels, and campaigns Trackingplan’s algorithm has discovered for you.

Onboard all the members involved in the data collection process to ensure everyone is on the same page, customize your warnings so that we can warn you according to your specifications, add regexes and enums to validate your events, and start tackling all the errors that are compromising the quality of your data and that Trackingplan has spotted.

We also recommend you have a look at our documentation to squeeze the value Trackingplan to the max:

  • Do a tour through your Dashboard here.
  • Configure your settings to customize your tracking plan here.
  • Share your plan and align with and across other members of your organization here.

Do you have any questions?

We want to listen to you, if you have any questions that have not been resolved you can contact us, our intention will always be to provide you with solutions