Introducing Automated Enum Validation

June 7, 2024

Now Trackinglan is capable of learning Enums based on your data!

What's New?

Up until now, the assistance we provided with Enums was limited to auto-completing your Enums with the values Trackingplan had observed in the last 30 days within that property. However, while this made it easier to fill them in, it still required some manual input.

Introducing Autoenums

This is precisely why now, just as Trackingplan automatically learns about the type and frequency constraints associated with each of your properties, our algorithm is also able to infer enums based on your data.

This advancement means that Trackingplan can dynamically identify and suggest Enum values by analyzing your data patterns.

Seamless and Editable

While Trackingplan can now infer Enums, you still retain full control. This means you'll still have the flexibility to edit these Enums at any time, whether they were manually added or automatically inferred.

Real-case Examples

Automated Enum Validation: Identifying New Markets

For example, let's say Trackingplan infers and Enum after seeing a clear pattern that enumerates all the markets you're currently operating in.

If someday you expand into another market, Trackingplan will automatically detect it and inform you of that change, allowing you to effortlessly add it as another value to that enums list.

Automated Enum Validation: Identifying New Currencies

Similarly, the same would happen with the values within the currency property, where we can always find an enumerated list of the currencies used in your online stores.

If you start accepting a new currency, Trackingplan will automatically detect this new currency and inform you, allowing you to update that enum in all the events using the currency property accordingly. On the other hand, if no new currency has been accepted and the new value detected is being sent erroneously, Trackingplan will help you promptly identify and address it as an issue.


Efficiency: Automatically infers Enums, reducing the need for manual input.

Flexibility: Allows for easy editing and updating of Enum values.

Proactive Updates: Keeps you informed of changes and new patterns in your data.

By leveraging this new Autoenums feature, you can streamline your data management processes and ensure that your Enums are always current and relevant. Learn more about Trackingplan's Data Validation mechanisms and how you can leverage them to intercept and rectify issues before errors compromise the integrity of your data.

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