Warning Management View

January 30, 2024

A new and enhanced way to manage your warnings is here. Welcome to your new Warning Management View! Your one-stop-shop to deep dive into your warnings, understand them better, and collaborate with your team to get them fixed in record time.

This update offers users a more comprehensive way to delve into warnings, facilitating better understanding and collaboration within different teams.

Let’s see what this means, and how you will see it reflected when managing all the types of warnings that Trackingplan automatically notifies you about.

Streamlined Traffic Warning Management

For users dealing with Traffic Warnings, we've tailored a specialized feature to tackle the unique challenges associated with traffic-related issues:

  • Daily Traffic Chart: Gain insights into your event's traffic evolution, identifying the days Trackinglan has detected abnormal variations in your event traffic at a glance.
  • Customizable Traffic Threshold: Tailor the threshold at which warnings trigger to align with your specific needs directly in your new Warning Management View.
  • Detailed Descriptions: Add relevant information to track the warning progress and facilitate seamless collaboration within your team.
  • Enhanced Context: Instantly access additional context such as the environment, the app version, the source, or the release number, and even download a sample payload of the warning for deeper insights. Doing this will provide you with a data example of the real picture of what has been sent to your providers when the warning was triggered.
Trackingplan's Warning Management View for Traffic Warnings

Enhanced Management of Data Specification Warnings

Yet, at Trackingplan we know that not all warnings require the same approach, and that’s precisely why we've also tailored a specialized feature to tackle the unique challenges associated with data specification warnings in your new Warning Management View.

  • Daily Specification Rates: Here, you’ll be able to monitor daily rates of specification matches versus mismatches to ensure compliance to quickly answer whether your events have fulfilled their specifications or not on a daily basis.
  • Access to Trackingplan's Debug Warning View: When it comes to data specification warnings, your Warning Management view will get you access to our Debug Warning View to help you find out the root cause of your warnings and quickly wave them off.

Similarly, you’ll also be able to include any pertinent details in the description box to ensure all team members are aligned about its progress, and you’ll be provided with more insights about the warning by downloading a sample payload.

Trackingplan's Warning Management View for Specification Warnings

Quick Actions for Efficient Management

Additionally, we've introduced some useful features to streamline the way you navigate through your warnings.

  • Mute Warnings: Temporarily mute less critical warnings to focus on higher-priority tasks.
  • Customize Warnings: Trackingplan will always propose predefined alerts based on your business type. However, you can also configure alerts to ensure you receive warnings only when the conditions you specify are met. Doing this will allow you to customize the traffic threshold at which your traffic warnings trigger, deactivate specific warnings by their type or provider, or set tolerance percentages. Learn more about customizing warnings.
  • Share Warnings: Facilitate collaboration by sharing warnings with other members of your organization.
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