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What are the risks associated with compromised Data Integrity?

Data Integrity ensures that data remains accurate, consistent, and unaltered throughout its lifecycle. It prevents unauthorized changes, maintains data accuracy, and guarantees reliability.

In that sense, data integrity is like building a fortress around your company’s data, ensuring that it remains untampered and secure, reliable, and complete regardless of the passage of time or how often it is accessed.

However, data integrity can be compromised in various ways, and its consequences can go from minor inconveniences to major business disasters depending on the amount of loss and the nature of the data affected. Moreover, considering that a large number of today's businesses prosper through the delivery of digital products and services and that data has become all we have to understand our customer’s needs, there are several reasons that account for the importance of data integrity in protecting your business from data loss and outside forces.

From human errors, to transfer errors between two systems, to bugs and viruses, or compromised hardware, keeping data safe and protecting your company’s data integrity might seem like an overwhelming task. Compromised Data Integrity can lead to distorted analytics, compliance issues, loss of trust in data, financial losses, damaged reputation, and legal ramifications due to inaccurate reporting or decision-making.

That is why error detection software can offer a modern alternative to mitigate these risks.

Trackingplan is a fully automated data QA and observability solution for your digital analytics created to ensure your data never breaks and always arrives to your specifications by automatically documenting all the data that your apps and websites are sending to third-party integrations like Google Analytics, Segment, or MixPanel.

This creates a single source of truth where all teams involved in first-party data collection can collaborate, automatically receive notifications when things change or break in your digital analytics, marketing automations, pixels, or campaigns, and easily debug any problem by being provided with the root cause of the problems affecting your data integrity.

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