Trackingplan for Agencies

What benefits does an agency get from using Trackingplan

We understand the common challenges agencies face. Things like determining whether the existing data is trustworthy when an agency acquires a new client, maintaining or updating integrations, and knowing whether these changes were successful due to their lack of visibility, or simply knowing when their clients or other agencies made changes that disrupted their operations before it's too late becomes more complex as the number of clients grows.

How Trackingplan Helps Agencies Overcome These Challenges

With Trackingplan, agencies can quickly assess and verify the integrity of their client's existing data, eliminating the need to start over from scratch.

Moreover, it also provides clear visibility into all integration updates and modifications, ensuring that all changes are correctly implemented. Similarly, as Trackingplan continuously monitors for any changes made by clients or other agencies, its system will alert you immediately if there’s any issue.

Yet, by using Trackingplan, agencies can not only overcome these common challenges, but they can also enhance their service offerings, improve efficiency, and boost profitability. That way, by streamlining operations and reducing the time spent on troubleshooting and data verification, agencies can cut costs and find new revenue streams with Trackingplan:

Economic Efficiency

By eliminating the need for manual validations, Trackingplan allows agencies to manage more clients with the same team, helping them operate more cost-effectively.

Strategic Service Expansion & Portfolio Enhancement

Agencies are free to mention and add Trackingplan to their portfolio, adding Trackingplan’s services to ensure the quality of their client's data to drive better results and client satisfaction. In this regard, with our solution, agencies can offer data quality management as an additional service, enhancing their value proposition and attracting more clients.

This can be done by highlighting how their service includes all the advantages of Trackingplan, by bundling Trackingplan as a part of their core offerings, or by charging Trackingplan’s data quality assurance solution as an extra service. This flexibility allows agencies to demonstrate their commitment to top-notch data quality management and to position themselves as leaders in this field.

Revenue Opportunities

Trackingplan offers revenue-sharing models, providing agencies with the opportunity to earn passive income. That way, Agencies can earn additional revenue without extra work.

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