Trackingplan for Agencies

Which methods for partnering does Trackingplan offer?

We offer two primary methods for partnering with Trackingplan. Each is compatible and often both are used simultaneously.

Use Trackingplan as an Internal Tool

This method allows partner employees to use Trackingplan for any of their clients. Trackingplan integrates into the company workflow, saving time and resources while enhancing the quality of their client's marketing and analytics.

Our experience has shown that Trackingplan delivers greater value when monitoring multiple sites and apps. This is why partners have the flexibility to use Trackingplan as part of their internal routines for as many clients as they need.

Also, we know that working that way enables upselling mechanisms that are beneficial for the partner and the end client.

Pricing for Internal Use

The monthly fee for using Trackingplan as an internal tool is calculated ad-hoc based on an estimate of the number of clients and their estimated traffic, offering significant volume discounts compared to end-client pricing. Partners can use Trackingplan for as many clients as they need without notifying us or affecting the price, unless there is a significant increase in clients or traffic.

Moreover, the partner has the power to communicate or not the use of the tool to its clients, as well as charge them with a license cost for the value provided. The only limitation here is that only internal users within the agency can access the Trackingplan dashboards and digests.

For pricing examples based on your clients and MAUs, please contact us or book us a call.

Trackingplan’s Referral Program

In this method, partners use Trackingplan with specific clients or prospects, expanding their service offerings and earning a 30% revenue share. Here, the partners can incorporate Trackingplan into their services, bundle it with other offerings, or act as advocates or resellers.

Sometimes it’s not needed, but our team at Trackingplan will be ready to take care of or help in showing the product to the client, doing the sale, procurement, etc. On the contrary, Trackingplan will never contact an end client without the collaboration of the partner.

Pricing for Participating in Trackingplan’s Referral Program

The fee is based on the number of MAUs and monitored properties, and includes volume discounts. It also covers direct support, customizations, and custom integrations, with a typical 6-week Free Proof of Concept (PoC).

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