Trackingplan for Agencies

What type of technical support does Trackingplan offer to agencies?

Trackingplan provides extensive technical support to ensure our agencies can effectively use and leverage the full potential of our tool. For it, our support includes the following key components:

Comprehensive Training

We train the partner team on how to use and configure Trackingplan for their clients, ensuring that agency staff is well-equipped to maximize the tool's benefits and seamlessly integrate it into their workflows.

Proof of Concept (PoC) Support

We offer a 6-week free PoC, allowing agencies to install Trackingplan for some clients and test its efficacy. For this, we highly recommend starting the PoC with a client App or Website with tracking issues.

For end clients, we also offer a 6-week Free PoC, and it’s up to the partner to decide how they want to be involved in the process once the introduction is made. Trackingplan’s team can take care of the whole sales, procurement, onboarding, training, and success process. On the contrary, Trackingplan under no circumstances will contact an end client without the collaboration of the partner.

Dedicated Support Team

Our support and success team is available to assist with any technical issues, questions, or product enhancements that arise while using Trackingplan. This ensures that agencies can promptly address any challenges and maintain smooth operations.

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