User Acquisition & Attribution Report: Uncover the Origins of Your Success

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Mariona Martí
User Acquisition & Attribution Report: Uncover the Origins of Your Success

In the fast-paced world of digital analytics, staying ahead of the curve requires not only cutting-edge strategies but also accurate data to make informed decisions. That's why Trackingplan has been hard at work to supercharge your analytics and marketing efforts with its latest features  – User Acquisition & Attribution Report.

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The Problem: Understanding User Acquisition

In short, User Acquisition (UA) could be summarised as "the act of gaining new users, whether it be on an app, platform, or another service".

In this sense, User Acquisition data answers questions that, for any online business, are as important as understanding where users come from. Something crucial for driving growth and optimizing next marketing strategies.

User acquisition looks for trends and patterns that work. However, traditional digital analytics tools provide a limited view of traffic sources, often leaving marketers and digital analysts in the dark about the true origins of their success. This lack of granular data makes it challenging to allocate resources effectively, making it tough for businesses to find and convert new users, and leading to wasted ad spend.

The Solution: Cutting out the guesswork

Trackingplan's new User Acquisition provides detailed daily, weekly, and monthly statistics about the results of your marketing investments. With support for UTM campaigns, mediums, sources, referrers, landings, and pages you can accurately identify the channels that drive the most valuable traffic to your website to answer where you get your users from, the effectiveness of your paid media efforts, or quickly identify which pages are performing well and which ones can be improved.

Acquisition stats for  UTM campaigns, mediums, sources, referrers, landings, and pages.

But that’s not all; Trackingplan's User Acquisition view now only allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your website's traffic sources, but also helps you at gaining control.

User Acquisition Warnings: Gaining control at your UTMs

With Trackingplan, you can set up customized warnings for all your referrers, campaigns, mediums, sources, landings, and pages to track them with more granularity.

Doing it is as easy as just hovering the cursor over the items you want to track closely and clicking on “Customize Warnings” to configure them according to your specifications.

User acquisition warnings: Campaign example.

Trackingplan will always propose predefined alerts based on your business type, but you can configure them as you prefer to ensure you receive a warning only when the conditions you specify are met.

Customize Warnings: Campaigns

To learn more about what Trackingplan can notify you about, check our documentation.

User Acquisition Specification Warnings: Validating your Acquisition Data

Moreover, Trackingplan allows you to set up User Acquisition specification warnings to validate any of your campaigns, landings, referrals, pages, mediums, sources, and event attributions.

User Acquisition Specification Warnings

Trackingplan will alert you if any of your campaigns don't meet the custom rules you've defined so you can get them fixed in record time before compromising the performance of your marketing investments.

Let’s see some examples:

  • If the campaign contains the keyword “blackfriday”, the medium attribute cannot be ‘press’. If this combination is detected, please send me a warning.
  • All the landing pages should follow this specific format "/section/abc".
  • The event AddToCart should only originate on these 3 pages: a, b, and c. If this event is detected on a page that is not listed above, send me a warning.

Just let our support team know which validation rules you'd like to add, and consider it done!

If you want to learn more about how to validate your campaigns, check our documentation.

Bringing It All Together: Trackingplan’s Attribution Report

While the User Acquisition feature alone provides valuable insights into traffic sources, it becomes even more powerful when combined with Trackingplan's Attribution Report. This feature allows businesses to relate their user acquisition data to each specific event, enabling them to link user behavior on their site to the actual origin of their visits, such as UTM campaigns, referrers, landings, and more.

This is useful for following behavior from the moment a user accesses your site and dig deeper into understanding your site’s traffic.

Trackingplan’s Attribution Report

Trackingplan offers a fully automated QA solution that ensures your first party data is always trustworthy, accurate, and actionable. This way, you can ensure the quality of your data and rely on it to guide your business. Get started today to experience the benefits of Trackingplan first-hand.

For more information, you can always contact our team.

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