Campaign Validation

June 29, 2023

With Trackingplan, you can now set up User Acquisition specification warnings to validate your campaigns based on your own requirements.

Trackingplan will alert you if any of your campaigns don’t meet the custom rules you've defined so you can get them fixed in record time before compromising the performance of your marketing investments.

What's New?

Now Trackingplan allows you to set up complex validation rules for your UTMs to help marketing teams validate that the campaigns they run comply with their naming conventions, ensuring the effective monitoring of UTM naming conventions.

Complex campaign validation functions

With Trackingplan’s validation functions, you can validate your campaigns based on your requirements and automatically receive User Acquisition specification warnings whenever your campaigns don’t meet the custom rules or the naming conventions you’ve defined.

Let’s see some real examples of campaign validation functions supported by Trackingplan:

Campaign validation rules supported by Trackingplan

Regex & Enum Validation

Moreover, you can also set up validation rules by using Regular Expressions (RegEx) or Enums.

In the case of campaigns, this will enable you to define specific criteria and formats for your UTMs, ensuring consistency across the different teams that deal with your traffic acquisition.

Let’s see some examples:

  • Regex validation: the format 'source' must be 'XX_YY'.
  • Enum validation: use only the following list of mediums; x, y, c, and a.

You can learn more about it here.

Spot inconsistencies in your naming conventions at a glance

As a bonus track, Trackingplan’s single source of truth also provides you with powerful cross-service insights to check the consistency of your UTMs.

For instance, in the example below you can easily spot how the Black Friday utm_campaign has been tagged incorrectly in three different ways; black friday, black_friday, and BlackFriday.

Get Started Today!

To ensure you’ll never let another campaign go out of control by using naming convention alerts to set rules to monitor campaign tagging, just ask our support team which validation rules you would like to add and we will implement them for you so you can get any problem fixed before compromising the performance of your marketing campaigns.

If you’re interested in trying Trackingplan’s validation functions on Acquisition to prevent errors in the attribution of your campaigns and ensure error-free UTMs and ROAS calculation, get started for free or ask for a demo to unleash its full potential.

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