How can I customize my warnings according to my specifications?

Trackingplan will always propose predefined alerts based on your business type, but you can also configure them to adjust them to your own specifications and ensure you receive warnings only when the conditions you specify are met.

These are the different adjustments you’ll be able to do:

List of adjustments you are able to do with Trackingplan

The first two items allow you to show or hide missing events and traffic decline warnings.

The third and fourth items allow you to show or hide missing property and type collision warnings. You can also set a tolerance percentage for these warnings.

The two last ones allow you to show or hide validation regex and function warnings, as well as define a tolerance for them if you don’t want to receive warnings if errors occur in less than X% of the hits, and you only want to be notified if errors exceed that tolerance.

Moreover, depending on your needs, you have two options to costumize your warnings:

  • Warning Settings: If you want to set a warning for your entire tracking plan, the Warning Settings option at the top right of your dashboard will open your plan’s global settings. Just navigate to the Warnings section to see your current warning settings and modify them as you want.
  • Customize warnings: If you want to set a warning for a specific event or property, navigate to it and click on Costumize Warnings. Doing this will show you the current warning settings for only that specific event or property.

For more details, you can also have a look at this demo.

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