What type of data validation methods does Trackingplan support?

To identify and correct errors, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies in the data your apps and websites are sending to third-party integrations (e.g.: Google Analytics, Segment, Mixpanel, etc.) and ensure all this data enters the system correctly with the desired quality standards, it is essential that proper data checks are implemented. This is where data validation techniques come into play.

Moreover, data validation techniques serve as a proactive mechanism designed to intercept and rectify issues before errors compromise the integrity of your data.

Data Validation & Trackingplan

With Trackingplan, you can be automatically notified whenever your properties, events, and user acquisition data don’t conform to the values you have specified. Here are some of the data validation mechanisms that Trackingplan supports to ensure your data always arrives to your specifications and, in case they do not, notify you so you can fix it in record time.

  • Data Type Validation
  • Enum Validation
  • RegEx (Regular expressions) Validation
  • Function Validations
  • Campaign Validations

For more information, we have created this blog post to clear all your doubts.

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