Which types of data validation errors does Trackingplan support?

Trackingplan will also automatically notify you whenever your properties and events stop conforming to the values you have specified. These are the types of validation errors we currently detect:

  • Validation Enums warnings: Enums allow you to specify in advance the values you expect for a property to be notified every time it receives a value that does not conform to your list of predefined constants. You can learn more about how to validate property values with Enums here.
  • Validation Regexes warnings: Regexes allow you to specify a regular expression pattern to which all the values seen for a property must conform. While the process of setting up Regexes for your properties is very similar to the one used for Enums, you can learn more about how to validate property values with regular expressions here.
  • Validation function warnings: This feature allows you to set up any kind of complex validation at track level and will warn you every time any of your properties don’t conform to the function provided to validate an event (e.g: cross-conditions like validating that all products logged in a cart carry a valid product_sku given the page section). To set up custom validation functions, please contact and we will help.

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