Why Trackingplan?

What are the advantages of using Trackingplan?

Trackingplan ensures your digital analytics, marketing automation, pixels, or campaigns never break and lets you create alerts on everything that matters to you and your company. Here are some of the benefits of using Trackingplan.

  • Automatically discover and document all the data you’re collecting. Online businesses rely on several external services to do analytics, product development, marketing automation, or sales (Google Analytics, Amplitude, Hubspot, Adjust, Intercom, Salesforce, Pipe drive, Braze…). However, as businesses grow, it also does the increasing complexity of having a big picture of it, as data is scattered and siloed across different SaaS repositories. Trackingplan automatically connects all the data that flows between your sites and apps to third-party integrations in just one dashboard to provide you with powerful cross-service insights while saving your company hours of work, infrastructure, and dedicated data teams.
  • Get rid of outdated spreadsheets. Trackingplan provides a roadmap for every member involved in the data collection process to ensure the data of your digital analytics, acquisition, pixels, and campaigns are accurately collected, responsibly managed, and integrated efficiently across teams and platforms by offering you an always-updated single source of truth with the real picture of your digital analytics. This removes the need to create and maintain various spreadsheets that constantly get outdated or other siloed and scattered data repositories.
  • Automatically detect problems and see the root causes to efficiently debug them. The New York Times noted that data scientists usually spend from 50 to 80 percent of their time collecting and preparing unruly digital data before it can be used for strategic decision-making. Trackingplans spots problems for you and automatically alerts you whenever things break or change. From unexpected data fluctuations to traffic anomalies, schema problems, or rogue events. That way, you can ensure your data always arrive according to your specifications, and receive meaningful contextual information about where and why any of your errors happened in order to quickly debug the problem.
  • QA your analytics. Trackingplan provides a fully automated QA solution that empowers companies with accurate and reliable digital analytics without changing your current tests. Exactly, just plug & Play. Our end-to-end coverage helps you prevent your test executions from breaking your analytics before going into production by automatically showing you the regressions found between them and their baseline.

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