Why Trackingplan?

What is Trackingplan?

Trackingplan is a fully automated data QA and observability solution for your digital analytics created to ensure your data never breaks and always arrives to your specifications by automatically documenting all the data that flows between your sites and apps to third-party integrations.

Trackingplan creates a single source of truth where all teams involved in first-party data collection can collaborate, automatically receive notifications when things change or break in your digital analytics, marketing automations, pixels, or campaigns, and easily debug any problem by being provided with the root cause of the problems affecting your data quality.

Moreover, Trackingplan’s fully automated digital analytics QA solution has been designed to ensure the quality of your data at every stage by spotting bugs in your test cases for you before going into production. That way, you can avoid compromising your data by catching errors before they break your digital analytics.

Do you have any questions?

We want to listen to you, if you have any questions that have not been resolved you can contact us, our intention will always be to provide you with solutions