What is a Tracking Plan and Why Your Business Needs One?

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Mariona Martí
What is a Tracking Plan and Why Your Business Needs One?

A tracking plan is a document used across an organisation that helps coordinate the different stakeholders using customer data collected from websites and applications. It contains all the data points coming from interactions with customers, trying to ensure that data is accurately collected, responsibly managed, and integrated efficiently across teams and platforms

In that sense, a tracking plan serves as a reference document for improving your analytics strategy. For example, a tracking plan monitors how users journey on your website and apps. As a result, you can create a better customer strategy when you better understand the users' behavior.

It should contain all events and properties you track from your customer interactions, so that each team member will have a reference document to understand what your data is telling from your users and customers. In addition, all your customer’s data points will be centralized in one single place, so that your organisation will no longer have to create and maintain various spreadsheets or data repositories.

Companies use a tracking plan to understand: Which data they track, why they track that data, where they store the data, where is the source of the data, and where is the data schema.

It describes the individual events you track and user properties that add context to those events. It’s also essential to clarify the use case behind each event you track, particularly as your data operation scales.

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What is the purpose of tracking? 

Tracking data leads you to increase the performance of the business and offer customers a pleasant experience. To get there, it is necessary to have the correct data, analyze it and understand the customer behavior. 

Data tracking is also necessary for measuring the success of your marketing campaigns by providing insights about which actions bring the best results, which marketing channels are the most effective, and which lead to conversions. Based on accurate data, you will know your visitors' preferences, and you can create personalized campaigns.

A tracking software will help you follow everything more quickly because it brings all your data in one place, such as your events, campaign naming, and descriptions.  

Who benefits the tracking plan?

A tracking plan helps any data person, like data analysts, product managers, app developers, or marketing analysts, detect all data collection activity changes, improve data quality, and track users' interactions. In addition, it provides a roadmap for developers to implement data tracking efficiently and serves as a key reference for analysts and product managers responsible for interpreting the data. As such, a tracking plan also serves as a collaborative tool that connects both of these teams.

Trackingplan: Analyze, organize and obtain information about your analytics events and user data.

‍The primary purpose of tracking data is to analyze, organize and obtain information about your analytics events and user data. With all data coordinated in a central reference, any data analyst, product manager, app developer, or marketing analyst can make better and more efficient decisions. In addition, being a collaborative document, every department that touches customer data can take input from it.

Ready to track your data?

Would you like to know when your data is broken in just a few minutes? With just one line of code, Trackingplan monitors your analytics and notifies you every time something goes wrong. 

It is straightforward to configure and install; it uses the information you already collect for other uses without modifying the code of your Front-ends, Apps, or your analytics stack. Trackingplan will help you to: 

  • Discover every data point you are collecting with your existing Analytics tools, such as Google Analytics or Amplitude, and your Marketing or Sales integrations 
  • Find problems in the events, properties, and user attributes you are sending, and enforce rules your implementation should fulfill 
  • Understand your User Acquisition and track your Marketing campaigns 
  • Receive alerts when your users' behavior changes significantly, or a traffic anomaly has been detected

With Trackingplan, you automatically audit and monitor your data collection technologies and user paths to ensure accurate and secure customer data. Contact our team for more info, or try Trackingplan for free , and start monitoring your data and get real-time notification if something goes wrong with your analytics, marketing automations, pixels or campaigns.

Getting started is simple

In our easy onboarding process, install Trackingplan on your websites and apps, and sit back while we automatically create your dashboard

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