Evolving into a QA Tool for your Digital Analytics

Mariona Martí
Evolving into a QA Tool for your Digital Analytics

It has been a wonderful year in Trackingplan and yet, the most challenging one we have faced so far. Now, after the Christmas frenzy and with our batteries recharged, it’s time to reflect on 2022.

Before digging into what the future holds, let’s take a look back at the biggest Trackingplan's milestones of 2022.

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Joining Y Combinator

We welcomed 2022 with the most fantastic news a start-up can receive: Joining Y Combinator, the world's top technology accelerator.

With a percentage rate of only 1.5%, and out of 17,000 applications received worldwide, the journey that laid ahead being backed by this prestigious business accelerator was a game changer and the challenge we were waiting for to give our users a real solution for the well-known problem all of our founders had suffered in the past: bad data.

Tweet from Y Combinator

Evolving into a QA tool for your analytics

Make something people want. This was, indeed, what we learned from Y Combinator. The strong expert input given by advisors such as Diego Mariño, Sergio Álvarez Leiva, Jaime Novoa (K Fund), Michael Seibel, Brad Flora (Y Combinator), and Kirby Winfield (Ascend Ventures) was key in shaping a solution that delivered value from day one to our clients.

We knew that analytics and user tracking implementations are especially prone to bugs and breakages. However, we realized that, when it comes to the development cycle of tracking implementations, analytics is generally done later and on top (Smith, 2001).

So, if there’s one thing that has shaped Trackingplan during 2022, this has to be its shift into a QA tool for your analytics.

Bird-view of a testing pipeline from left to right: Development Testing - Pre-production Validation - Production Monitoring

Until that moment, what we had was a solution that found bugs and regressions in your analytics and tracking automatically, which was great. However, we soon realized this was not avoiding the emergence of problems and costs related to the data downtime between the bug and its fix.

So, why not do it for analytics and tracking too?

We felt the need to introduce additional quality control steps to speed up our client’s net productivity, and that’s why we made tracking become a first-class citizen in your QA.

Now, Trackingplan can monitor your testing deployments and automatically compare them to your baseline. This will allow you to see the difference between one release and the next, detecting broken events or schemas before releasing them.

Big costumers, big features

Big businesses require big solutions, and with the arrival of top brands to Trackingplan, it also become visible our need to develop new features that fulfilled the unique needs of their analytics.

Thanks to that, in 2022 we came across the greatest product updates launched in Trackingplan so far:

List of the greatest product updates launched in Trackingplan in 2022.

Trackingplan is applied by medium to large enterprises, like Typeform, Freepik or Travelperk to monitor and test their analytics and tracking integrations.

Get started today to experience the benefits of Trackingplan first-hand and automatically validate your Digital Analytics health. For more information, you can always contact our team.

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