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Online businesses rely on several external services to do analytics, product development, marketing automation, or sales (Google Analytics, Amplitude, Hubspot, Adjust, Intercom, Salesforce, Pipe drive, Braze…). However, the exponential growth of data sources and the increasing complexity of digital ecosystems have made it harder to have a big picture of the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of your data, as this is scattered and siloed across different SaaS repositories. In this regard, data observability and, with it, the idea of maintaining a clear and precise understanding of how your data is flowing through your systems, becomes a daily challenge with the sheer volume of data generated each day.

But what if you could stay notified whenever things change or break in your digital analytics, marketing automations, pixels, or campaigns on a daily basis at the beginning of your workday? That’s precisely what Trackingplan’s Daily Digest does.

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Introducing Trackingplan’s Daily Digest

In a sentence, Trackingplan’s Daily Digest could be summarized as “all you need to know about the state of your data collection efforts at the beginning of your work day”.

As your data observability assistant, Trackingplan will send you an email or Slack on a daily basis with a general overview of the state of your data so your team can work on what they do best instead of having to find those errors by themselves.

That way, our Daily Digest offers a collaborative guide that connects teams throughout an organization, ensuring every member involved in the data collection process stays updated about any new or existing problem affecting the quality of your digital analytics in order to easily set priorities and address issues promptly based on them.

Inside Trackingplan’s Daily Digest

These are all the valuable insights you’ll quickly glean from just checking Trackingplan’s Daily Digest on a daily basis:

New problems detected

The first thing your daily digest will notify you of is any new problem that may have arisen in your digital analytics. Moreover, Trackingplan will also provide a brief description of the problem to help you identify the cause of the issue and see at a glance what exactly needs to be addressed. Trackingplan will also pinpoint which provider is causing the problem from all your analytics services (Segment, Google Analytics, Amplitude, etc.).

New problems' view in Trackingplan's Daily Digest

New events, properties, and user attributes detected

Trackingplan will also notify you about any new event, property, or user attribute discovered in your data layer. From then, Trackingplan will start monitoring it automatically, trying to identify patterns, detect anomalies, and automatically connect dots to create value from data that was hidden in plain sight.

New events' view in Trackingplan's Daily Digest

Unresolved problems

Trackingplan’s Daily Digest will also remind you of any existing problem that hasn’t been addressed yet to ensure no critical problem goes unnoticed. As with new problems, Trackingplan will also provide you with a brief description of what is happening to help you identify the cause of the issue.

However, if there are warnings that are less important or you just don’t want to tackle them for the moment, you also have the option to mute your warnings to avoid them from appearing in your Daily Digests unless you unmute them again. This will allow you to focus only on those warnings that have a higher priority or are affecting a crucial funnel in your customer journey.

Unresolved problems' view in Trackingplan's Daily Digest

A summary of how your starred items are performing

Here is where you can have a quick summary of the performance of your starred events, user attributes, and acquisition data (referrers, campaigns, mediums, sources, landings, and pages) to have easy access to the most important data collection elements.

Starred items stats' view in Trackingplan's Daily Digest

Summarized statistics for each of your analytics services

Here is where you can have a quick summary of each of your analytics services to have an overview of the performance of your digital analytics across different platforms and third-party integrations.

Summarized statistics of your User Acquisition data

Here is where you will see statistics for all your referrers, campaigns, mediums, sources, landings, and pages so you can see the results of your marketing investments at a glance.

User Acquisitions stats' view in Trackingplan's Daily Digest

Summarized statistics for each of your pixels

And finally, thanks to our Daily Digest you will also be able to stay on top of all the SaaS tools used in your frontends to ensure your pixels are operating optimally and that everything is being measured and monitored as you expect.

Pixels stats' view in Trackingplan's Daily Digest

Personalized Digests

But that’s not all. At Trackingplan we’re all about making things clear and smooth for all teams. That’s why we’re proud to announce that Trackingplan has recently added the possibility to set up personalized digests to foster seamless collaboration and ensure only the right information goes to the right people.

Trackingplan’s personalized digests have been created to ensure every department is aware of its responsibilities (#DEV, #PRODUCT, #MKT) and to encourage the ownership of every squad in the analytics generated by their developments.

While the possibilities are endless, we have created some use cases to help you leverage the full potential of our new personalized digests.

  • Create a personalized digest for only those events marked with the label #marketingteam, and add only the members of your company in that department.
Use case 1
  • Create a personalized digest for only those events marked with the label #bug so that the development team in your organization can receive concise and straightforward digests about all the problems affecting your digital analytics.
Use case 2
  • Create a personalized digest for only those events happening in Google Analytics, and add only your analytics teams there.
Use case 3
  • Have a personalized digest for only those events marked as starred to quickly see the most important parts of your customer data collection at a glance.
Use case 4

Elevating Data Observability with Trackingplan

Trackingplan's Daily Digest provides users with an intuitive, concise, and informative overview of their data's health and performance. By addressing the challenges of data complexity and information overload, the Daily Digest enables businesses to streamline their data observability efforts, unlocking insights and setting priorities to tackle new and existing problems affecting their data quality to ultimately optimize their user experiences.

Embrace the future of data observability with Trackingplan's Daily Digest – a simple yet powerful tool that empowers you to harness the true potential of your data just by effortlessly introducing the email addresses of those team members you want them to be receiving the daily digest.

Get started today to experience the benefits of Trackingplan first-hand and automatically validate your Digital Analytics health.

For more information, you can always contact our team.

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