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What data is Google Analytics goals unable to track?

With the introduction of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the traditional concept of Goals, as used in Universal Analytics (UA), has been removed. In GA4, the tracking system has been streamlined to focus primarily on events, which can be marked as conversions.

Here's a summary of how this works:

1.Goals vs. Events in GA4: Unlike Universal Analytics, where both goals and events were used, GA4 exclusively uses events for tracking user interactions. If something is deemed important enough to count as a conversion (like form submissions or video clicks), it can be set up and marked as a conversion event in GA4

2. Setting Up Conversions in GA4: To configure conversions in GA4, you need to navigate to the "Configure" section, then to the "Events" tab. Here, you can create custom events that are relevant to your tracking needs. Once an event is created, you then go to the "Conversions" tab to mark this event as a conversion, ensuring it matches the name of the event you've created.There is a more complete guide here.

‍This change in Google Analytics reflects a shift towards a more streamlined, event-focused approach to tracking user interactions and conversions. It's important for users migrating from Universal Analytics to GA4 to understand this fundamental change in how goals and conversions are managed.

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