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Why is having consistent UTM naming conventions crucial in tracking marketing efforts?

UTMs allow you to measure the effectiveness of your paid media efforts, as it allows marketing teams to look for trends and patterns that work in order to be able to allocate resources effectively. This is how you’ll will be able to reliably credit conversions to the correct traffic source to know the true Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) for each of your marketing efforts.

However, while this might sound like the ultimate solution to cut off wasted ad spend, it’s important to consider that, just as it is impossible to credit a conversion to its source without first knowing how a visitor got to a website, it is also impossible without truly knowing if you're measuring your UTMs correctly.

Therefore, even though setting parameters to identify the source, the medium, or the campaign inside your inbound strategies is key, accurate analyses require organizing traffic to help you prevent errors in the attribution of your campaigns.

Identification is not organization; a disorganized system of UTM parameters can easily ruin the integrity of your analysis data, and here is precisely where campaign naming convention monitorization comes in to ensure the proper functioning and attribution of your marketing campaigns.

Mistakes in UTM parameters are permanent, and this explains why consistency in naming conventions is so important. A single misplaced character can ruin valuable data to the extent of making it useless.

Leverage Naming Conventions for Campaign Precision with Trackingplan

With Trackingplan, you can ensure you’ll never let another campaign go out of control by using naming convention alerts to set rules to monitor campaign tagging.

Trackingplan’s validation functions on Acquisition allow marketing teams to validate that the campaigns they run comply with their naming conventions.

If you’re interested in trying Trackingplan’s validation functions on Acquisition to prevent errors in the attribution of your campaigns and ensure error-free UTMs and ROAS calculation, get started for free or ask for a demo to unleash its full potential.

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