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Digital Marketing Freelancer

Over 15 years into digital marketing consulting, my career spans a wide range of projects and responsibilities, with a particular focus on digital strategy based on rigorous data analysis and a thorough comprehension of each challenge. Since my beginnings in 2007, writing for specialized blogs, followed by the rise of Social Media strategies, and advancing towards complex omnichannel and inbound marketing strategies, I have been a witness and participant in the evolution of digital marketing. My job has always relied on digital analytics, which has evolved and adapted with the market, guiding every step from idea generation to the evaluation of outcomes.

One of my favorite things to do is write, both fictional stories and opinions. A constant exploration of new projects is how my passion for technology and digital culture manifests. Working on personal projects that are not related to my job, such as home automation and domotics ventures, or self-hosting and managing microservices at home. I also find inspiration and entertainment in standout movies and series, as well as video games that offer deep narratives and open worlds.

Faced with the challenges presented by the constant evolution of digital analytics, especially with advancements in artificial intelligence and growing concerns about privacy. I see an imperative need to focus on the strategic design of customized analytical architecture and the continuous improvement of data quality. The role of the data analyst, capable of interpreting large volumes of information from various sources and turning them into strategic insights, becomes increasingly crucial. My goal is to lead in this area, bringing experience, innovation, and a commitment to excellence in every project.

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